About Us

Specialists, production and management of the unique worlds of experience creative events

We love what we do and we do what we love! Our diverse team is proud Greenscape offer a wide range of design experience and decorating services at national and international level Customers.

For more than 19 years, we have a rich and stunning scenery, creates innovative, Environments for everything from weddings to movie sets, playgrounds, shopping centers, homes Office buildings and gala events for theme parks.

We can make your vision and creativity Ideas from concept to production, assembly on site. If it is a temporary conversion Improvement of the environment or permanently, no project is too small or too large to be Green Caped!

Our energy and enthusiasm is undeniable. We are passionate about our customers and our customers are delighted with our work. Dedicated to follow the latest trends and the development of our industry, we have achieved the highest professional design contained in the creative events industry and are constantly striving to advance our professional development team Knowledge.

Set our innovative and dedicated team continues to set new standards of excellence in Decoration maintenance programs, rotation of the season, and a strong commitment to guarantee sustainable development and local resources.

We offer individually tailored designs not complicated Service, including:

Design and planning design full
Project Management
full disassembly
Off-site Storage and Freight charges
Maintenance programs and long-term lease

No matter the occasion and room seeks to transform our multidisciplinary experts create unique and significant design Custom and style, brand and budget.
If you dream it, we can do it! Contact Greenscape decency specialist today!

Suparat Singtha
Address = Oxensgata 237
City = Haninge
State = Stockholm
Country = Sweden
Postal code:: 13663
Phone Number:: +46736459982